Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Current Mood: What Will I Be Like in 5 Years?

No really. What will I be like in 5 years? I don't know. But hopefully I'll remember this blog and read the letter I'm about to write to my 20 year old self.

Dear Me.
What are you like at twenty years old? Are you still blogging at three different blogs? Are you still friends with the people you count as your best friends? Do you have a boyfriend? Are you a virgin still? (Had to ask hehe) Are you picky with guys? I hope you are. I-you-we knew already at 15 that it's going to be hard to find someone. Guys are like houses. You cannot have the perfect one unless you build it yourself. And for us to know that already, plus being homeschooled, it was going to be tough. Plus the fact that we already know what happens when your heart is broken. Feeling like that, plus having the capacity to love so much that it hurts our heart, we have to be careful. I want you to be careful. Everyone does. Have you tried alcohol? You better not have. Do you remember when you were fourteen and mom offered to let you taste what wine tasted like and you said no? Stay that way. Speaking of mom, how is she? How is the rest of your family? Do you have any tattoos yet? You had an entire Pinterest board filled with all the tattoos you would've loved to get. Do you knit still? And crochet, sew and all the other crafts? Do you go to college? Or did you decide to travel the world with your friends? I think that's all of my questions.



  1. I thought that this was a cute post and then realized that I'm turning twenty... *A moment of silence as I quietly freak out about how quickly time has passed*

    And don't worry about finding a boyfriend. Trust me--the best ones will come to you while you're not looking for them :)

  2. Hey:)
    i know this questions sometimes i ask at myself about These. i don't know when but i had to write a letter to me at the future a year or so ago at School. mine was a Little catastrophe i promise you, but yours is so nice and you ask you These questions in the furture. you really have a Talent for writing.

  3. This is such an excellent blog post idea, I think I will do it myself if you don't mind. Great blog!
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